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Personal Finance, Net Worth & FIRE Tracking made automated & easy

Want to see your entire financial position, live?

Through the wonders of Google Sheets & a bit of techno magic, you can do exactly that

Complete Net Worth Tracking

Live tracking of your entire portfolio - Helping you know where you stand financially.

Built for Everyone

A user-friendly interface helps make managing your budget & finances both simple and easy.

Feedback Leads to Results

Detailed tracking gives you feedback on how you're progressing, reinforcing good habits!

Comprehensive & Intelligent Features

Intuitive & simple to use features to make your finances smarter.

Live Prices & Tracking

Live prices for ETFs, Stocks, Crypto & Managed Fund assets with built-in Dividend Tracking.

Monthly Reports

Tracks your monthly Net Worth (including Investments, Property, Retirement Funds, Side Income etc) alongside expenses each month, resulting in an easy to read monthly report.

Smart Budgeting

An easy to use Budget tab with built-in automations, helping you set aside savings each month and plan for those lumpy and irregular expenses.

Easy To Use

Designed from the ground up to be easy to use with minimal input.

Completely Private

Unlike 3rd party solutions, you control and host your own financial data. No bank integrations are required, nor is any personal or financial information held or shared with unknown parties. You're in control of your data. Learn More.

Loan & Debt Support

Tracks and captures progress made on Loan & Debts, including Mortgage payments and Credit Card debt.

Algorithmic Investing

Automatically optimizing when & what investments to rebalance into, calculating a proposed amount based on your guidance before sending you a reminder when it's time to invest.

International Asset Support

Support for live currency conversion on all international assets, with international asset values automatically converted to your local currency live on the fly.

AUS, UK, US & EU Support

Choose between Australian, UK, US & EU regions with region specific features & currency customisations (ie. Super/Pension/IRA).

Start the journey to your financial big picture

Built to include every kind of financial asset in your life.

  • Your Budget
  • Cash Accounts
  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Managed Funds
  • Crypto
  • Spaceship Voyager
  • Property
  • Physical Commodities
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Miscellaneous Assets

What our Users Say

Loved by over 10,800+ users, the Sheet can provide everything you need to generate awareness, track investments and save more.

"Thanks again for an amazing spreadsheet, you're a legend, everyone should know about this, it's benefits are not only incredibly helpful but motivational."

Reddit User - r/AusFinance

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for creating something that's so flexible and easy to use yet offers such rewarding insights and inspiration to strive for financial goals."

Reddit User - r/CSPersonalFinance

"My partner and I have our finance night at the start of every month, we make the updates and run through the numbers. It's a time of the month we really enjoy. We sit down together with a cup of tea, view our progress and get satisfaction from seeing that the sacrifices we make to save will enable our financial freedom in years to come."

Reddit User - r/CSPersonalFinance

"This is awesome and will be my go-to spreadsheet moving forward. Thanks a lot for an amazing spreadsheet."

Reddit User - r/AusFinance

"Is it wrong how excited I am about getting time to try this out?"

Reddit User - r/UKPersonalFinance

"This spreadsheet is the best money I ever spent - thank you :)"

Reddit User - r/UKPersonalFinance

"This is great, nice work mate! Have been wanting to get something like this together for so long but never able to find the spare time."

Reddit User - r/AusFinance

Sheet Versions

2 different versions of this Sheet are offered.



What's included:
  • Net Worth Overview & Tracking
  • Live ETF & Stock Tracking
  • Dividend Support
  • Super/Retirement Fund Tracking
  • Budgeting System


Contains all features & future updates

$12$10 AUD
4 GBP / €5 EUR / $6 USD
What's included:
  • Net Worth Overview & Tracking
  • Live ETF, Stock, Crypto & Managed Fund Prices & Tracking
  • Live & Automatic FIRE🔥 Dashboard
  • Property Value & Performance Tracking Dashboard
  • Loan, Debt, Mortgage & Credit-Card Tracking and Metrics
  • Monthly Net Worth & Savings email updates
  • Spaceship Voyager (Universe, Origin & Earth) Live Pricing Support
  • Live & Automatic International Currency Conversion on all Assets
  • Automatic FIFO/Shared Pooling Capital Gains Calculation for sold assets
  • Crypto Staking Support & Performance Metrics
  • Managed Funds, ETFs & Stocks can be used as Retirement balances
  • Aglorithmic Investment Rebalancing Optimisations
  • Enhanced Budgeting System
  • Dividend Tracking and Reinvestment Support
  • Expanded ETF/Stocks/Managed Fund Ticker Support
  • Super/Retirement Fund Tracking
  • Generic & Physical Asset Tracking
    (Including live Gold/Silver Prices)
  • Google Calendar/Email Sheet & Investment Reminders
  • Automatically calculated Sold Units
  • Automatic Migration System for future updates
  • Sheet Update Notification System
  • Ongoing Bugfixes - including numerous to original v1 version
  • Ongoing Sheet Updates & Releases
  • One-Time Cost - No ongoing monthly fees or paid upgrades

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